Joe Biden does not have the authority to implement TYRANNY in his executive orders. Biden is not a dictator, but he is a fraudulent president. There are ten amendments in the Bill of Rights; the second and fourth amendments protect the American people from TYRANNY. Biden continues to violate the Constitution because he is protected by congressional immunity that makes him eligible to be ABOVE THE LAW. It is past time for our Congressional Republicans to file charges on Joe Biden for TREASON.

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  • are planning to do this by STANDING UP AND TOGETHER for America and our Flag. Some of us will be able to do this in person, others of us, whom for whatever reason, need to stay closer to home, will achieve this by supporting local, state and federal elections. Make sure you are registered to vote. This is how we will ultimately defeat this enemy to the American way of life. We are standing together for our country. Our voices will be our protest against anti-American values; against looting, vandalism, cop-bashing, church desecration, flag burn