Friday, November 22, 2019 -
In recent days, Trump has been the target of a definitive assassination attempt as we previously reported on the CSS with regard to unplanned trip to Walter Reed Hospital. Will there be more attempts? Undoubtedly, this is true.
On this the eve of the 56th dark anniversary of the murder of JFK in Dealy Plaza, will President Trump become the next President, who opposed the Deep of his day, become the next victim to the deadly desires of those who secretly try to impose a secret dictatorship in America?
To answer that question, I think it is prudent to take a look back at JFK and ask the same question. JFK had been the target of multiple assassination attempts before the 1963 Deep State was successful in Dealy Plaza. Will the same be true of Trump? I spent 25 years examining the JFK assassination and the reasons why he was assassinated and I arrived at the following conclusions:

1 The Federal Reserve wanted him dead over the silver certificates which threatened to one day supplant the Federal Reserve Note.
2 JFK wanted to reduce/eliminate the oil depletion allowance which provided a huge, yet undeserved tax break that the average taxpayer did not receive.
3 JFK was talking nuclear arms reduction with the Soviets, through back channels. His American University Speech in May of 1963 spoke of stopping above ground nuclear testing. The multi-pronged ownership of what Eisenhower feared and called, the military industrial complex, stood to lose a lot of money. In fact, within 60 days of JFK’s death, LBJ ordered the single biggest increase in nuclear arms production in our country’s history. The ownership of the military industrial complex intertwines with the ownership of the oil and banking interests in this country.
4 JFK was dismantling the sacred cows of Washington DC (e.g. CIA director Allen Dulles) and replacing them with his own appointees to carry out his programs and not the plans of the elite.
5 JFK was clearly going to kill the elite’s plans for engaging in the Vietnam War. Had JFK lived, the advisors, assigned to Viet Nam, would have been recalled by December of 1964. The failure of JFK to deliver this war would have cost the establishment (e.g. members of the Federal Reserve, the military industrial complex, etc) a lot of money. If there was not Vietnam war, the drug trafficking from the “Golden Triangle” could not have been further exploited by the elite.
6 JFK also had a French reporter secretly negotiating with Castro at the time of the assassination. The elite could not have had peace breaking out, it would have been a profit killer. So, it was easier to kill a President.

Are there similarities to the reasons why JFK was killed to why the globalists want Trump dead?
1 Trump is now in direct competition to the Federal Reserve, yet. However, many of the groups, who want Trump dead have decided interlocking interests with the Federal Reserve (eg, oil) and climate change voodoo technology.
2 If Trump were to prosecute Clinton, Comey, et al., and with Barr as the AG, it appears likely that at least some Deep State prosecutions will take place, he would quickly come into conflict with the CIA like JFK did because drug running operations and worse, would quickly surface. That moment has arrived with the delivery of sealed indictments.
3 Trump threatens to stop illegal immigration by going after the cartels in the aftermath of the mass murder of the 9 American citizens, then there is one reason to kill Trump because he is interfering in drug trafficking. And when one adds in the fact that Trump is considering closing the border, he comes into direct conflict with all Deep State minions (ie Social Democrats) who are making a lot of money by kickbacks from drug trafficking, child sex trafficking and gun running at the border. This alone, is sufficient motivation to assassinate Trump.his flies in the globalist philosophy of the elimination of all national boundaries. If you want to know what this looks like, look at Europe. In JFK’s time, globalism had not advanced to that level.
4 Trump’s opposition to the free trade agreements would have had the same economic impact on the elite as the reduction of nuclear arms. This new brand of nationalism is a profit killer, and maybe a President killer for the same reasons. Remember, Trump killed the TPP upon becoming President which temporarily halted the installation of a corporate dictatorship in America.
5 Finally, after two long years and an exoneration from Mueller's witch hunt, and with the Ukrainian witchhunt, Trump has shown renewed vigor to go after the censorship of social media, perhaps.
6 As did JFK, Trump has excited Americans about politics and about protecting our country’s interest. Populism must be stamped out before it can gain a foothold. The People can never be allowed to feel that they have any real say in governance. Before populism wins in America, the Deep State will start a civil war.

Other Reasons
There are other parallels that I am leaving on the cutting room floor in the interest of parsimony. However, the parallels brought forth, here, are sufficient reason to remain in prayer about the safety of Donald Trump. Make no mistake about it, there are groups that want him dead.

1 The Republican and Democratic establishment that take campaign donations from the participants in free trade.
2 The CIA because its drug running, sex trafficking and gun running operations are being exposed for all to see. The CIA is the enforcement arm for the globalists and they are threatened by a Trump presidency.
3 The Federal Reserve business interests want Trump dead.
4 Corporate America wants Trump dead because he opposes the installation of a corporate dictatorship in America.
5 Foreign bankers and globalists want Trump dead for the same reasons.
6 The mainstream media would celebrate a Trump assassination.
7 The biggest reason to assassinate Donald Trump is because he is being successful against the Deep State. JFK only tried to oppose the Deep State. Trump is actually achieving some measure of success.

There will undoubtedly be more attempts on the President Trump's life. Heart attack guns, food poisoning, etc., the Deep State will not hesitate to pull out all of the stop because the Deep State and the Democrats are on the verge of collapse.

The list of enemies is never-ending. And like JFK, Trump seems unafraid. Pray for Donald Trump’s safety. By the way, President’s #25 and #35 died in office. Trump will be the 45th President unless our prayers for divine intervention are successful. Pray for President Trump.

On November 22nd, the Question Must Be Asked: Like JFK, Will the Ongoing and Multiple Assassination Attempts on Trump Be Successful? | The Common Sense Show

On November 22nd, the Question Must Be Asked: Will the Ongoing and Multiple Assassination Attempts on Trump Be Successful?