Facebook Paying Users to Go Away

For some reason the worlds social media platform is becoming Anti- Social.

Its no secret. There are two camps. Mainstream and social media. 

With the mass elimination of network tv from American households, and the dead medium that newspapers are, there is a war of censorship that you may not know is being waged. 

There have always been powerful people controlling the news. Be it Hearst with his sensationalism, or Bezos with his desires of owning everything that comes in your home. Its there, plain and simple, always an agenda. 

I love a good old fashioned newspaper. This used to be considered a mainstream news source. In some regions, it still is. But unfortunately, those spots are far and few. I am clearly in the minority here.

Over the last 75 years, the public switched to radio and tv for their news. Then the public would go to the paper within the next day or two for detailed information, and maybe a follow up. 

In the last few decades that has been lost as we have moved to the social post, sound bite or headline swipe as our key sources. 

That brings us back to modern social media. There was a time that logging onto Facebook was just you seeing a faimily member with a walking todler, or a frowning cat. Now its a billion dollar, algorithm powered, heat seeking missile of high powered opinion swaying information overload.

They just rely on you being too busy, tired, or to say "why bother". I was raised in California. That has been the mantra for far too long. Its already over, why figure out where you are supposed to go, why wait in line, For a sticker and civic duty? Human nature says I dont need another headache today. 

Ahhhh, but this year is different. Never has there been this much attack on what one side holds so dear. What if you get out there, vote, and then do the worst thing to the left. Tell your friends, family, and your ex that stalks you sometimes that, you did go out there and vote. Throw in a hashtag, be proud.

This is terrifying to the left. They have spent all this time on the narrative and not the facts. 

In the last few months there has been a ground swell of support from president Trump's base. We have all seen the flags on boats, trucks, and anywhere else someone can stick one. The right has  rejected mainstream media due to frustrations that none of their opinions are coming from their TV or Radio. 

Dont believe me? No problem. Lets play a game. If you are reading this then you have access to a small tool called Google. Switch over to it. Try to find a pro trump graphic other than a meme. Anything data driven. Good luck. 

We have all been targeted by a product or topic we have typed into our computer. If you are reading this you already know I am proudly republican. Yet, not a single positive trump message has come my way. I'm retargeted with nothing but negativity and how far Biden is ahead in the polls. 

I would have gotten a C on this article in college. I have taken too long to get to my point. But I am talking to other people who have the grey matter to understand what Facebook is doing with the following "study". This is a first for me. I have never seen a company pay you to go away and not share your opinion. Its very, um socialistic of them. Sorry, had to. 

This is an actual thing that is happening. I did not make this up. 

"Facebook will pay users to log off before 2020 election" (New York Post https://nypost.com/2020/09/07/facebook-will-pay-users-to-log-off-before-elections/). 

What Facebook is really trying to do here is to defeat the onslaught of pro Trump hashtags, messages, photos, and rallys. It defeats the purpose of the obviously incorrect polling data that prodicted the glorious election of our first female, president.... Oops. We know how that turned out. 

Well, thats all I have here. What would befit 2020 more than Facebook paying users to stop using Facebook. 

I just always think about, when I was in journalism 101 in the late 90s, the "Journalist's Creed" was hammered in our teenage minds. The two that have always carried the most weight with me were;

"I believe that clear thinking and clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism.",


"I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible."

I may be a little too patriotic. Those videos of soldiers coming home always makes me tear up. Im infuriated at the thought of the flag being set on fire when so many died to give us the right to do so.

Subliminal influence is hard for us to identify. I know I want pizza when watching the NFL for a reason. This is just a bigger force directing an entire section of society away from what is best for them.

Is it their right to do so, yes. Is it right to do, no. 

Stay strong America. Be strong, talk soon...Jeremy Gee