Different Types Of Referencing Styles

As a student, you may have already written numerous essays and assignments. So, it is safe to assume that you have a basic idea about what citation is.

Academic writing is exhausting; but do you know what’s even more tiring?

Citing the sources of external references used in the paper.

As a student, you may have already written numerous essays and assignments. So, it is safe to assume that you have a basic idea about what citation is. Still, let’s jog your memory.
Referencing is a way of acknowledging your source in the body of the work as an in-text citation and linking those citations to the list of work cited – better known as reference list or bibliography.

It means, every time you use any information from an external source, you need to acknowledge the source by citing the source within the text and linking it with the reference list. It should be easy, right?

Well, the problem is – there are different types of referencing styles in practice, each of them with a unique set of guidelines.

What Are the Different Types of Referencing Styles? 

If you try to list down all the different types of referencing styles, you will require a really long piece of paper. To make things easier for you, we will only discuss those types of referencing styles which are used by universities and journals. You can complete your academic career without learning about the rest.
Depending on the way of recording sources, the scholarly referencing styles can be segmented into three major categories:

i. Documentary note styles:

In the documentary note citation systems, you need to provide with the references in footnotes or endnotes. These notes are indicated by digits (also known as superscripts), which then recur with the full reference at the bottom of the page, i.e. the footnote, or at the end of the paper (endnote).

The digits are usually positioned after the full stop ending the sentence to which the reference belongs. Major referencing styles such as the Oxford referencing style and MHRA referencing style fall under this category.


Her duty was to help the soldiers who were wounded in the battle. 7
[From the endnote section of the paper]

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